Saturday, November 05, 2005


I was in the Cypress Hills area of the southeast corner of Alberta in August, where I was doing some fly fishing. I noticed this Brown-eyed Susan (Wild gaillardia) caught in a barbed wire fence I was crossing through and shot this image in the late afternoon light. Further on I came upon this old forgotton homestead . I got the impression no one had been near it in years. I also discovered this overgrown, long abandonded grave yard, which as near as I could determine, has 27 souls residing in it. The buildings visiable in the photo of the grave marker are all abandoned homesteads. The location hit me as being so lonely but very beautiful, as it lie on a south facing slope with nothing but the the wind blown prairies between this tiny long forgotton burial ground, and the Little Smokie Mountains visable far to the south in Montana.

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