Monday, November 27, 2006

Still in The Deep Freeze

I'm sure that anyone looking at these photos, still gets the picture. That's right we Albertans are still in the deep-freeze with my truck thermometer reading -26C. In the first photo with the downtown just visible through falling snow, the ducks and geese hunkered down on The Bow, are not moving to far from this open water. In the second photo, I am on a busy road and what do I spot but this Mule-Deer doe bedded down behind this chain-link fence 20 ft from this roadway. I stopped, backed up and took a quick photo before the vehicle behind me became annoyed at my stopping. The Doe looked at me and mouthed the words " The nut behind the wheel of that truck looks harmless and besides its to cold to get out of this bed and find another". Wildlife is suffering with these temperatures and I can see it with their altered feeding times due to the cold. Tonight will prove to be a hardship for them again with the temperature expected to drop to -30C.

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