Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gateway To K Country

I was out of the house before daylight with a stop at Tim Hortons For coffee and to catch the latest news in The Sun. From there I filled up with gas and meandered in a westerly direction towards the rocks. I made my way west of Bragg Creek on Highway 66 to the winter-gate where I shot some photos of Elbow Falls with my lensbaby. I made numerous stops on the way back including a stop at the "Bragg Creek Trading Post" not to be missed if you are in Bragg Creek. This photo of the Elbow River, I shot just across the road from the trading post. Check out the neat wood-stove. The proprietress (Sorry, I should of asked for her name) was kind enough to allow me to include her in my photo. Great day with super weather in K Country. Oh, the top photo with the house bordering Kananaskis Country, I could handle living there.

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