Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dog Sledding

Canon EOS 20D with 10-22 @ 10mm ISO100

Have you ever been Dog-Sledding? No? Then for your next winter adventure, get yourself out to Spray Lakes located in the Spray Valley in Kananaskis Country, where I found this spirited dog team being driven across the frozen surface of the lake. Dog Sledding is one of Canada's oldest sports and goes back to a time when Canadian Indians and Inuit tribes depended on their huskies as a principal part of their lifestyle.
The first thing that grabs your attention besides the spectacular scenery of-course, is the very excited dogs howling, pawing and barking as they strain to get underway. Teams are usually hitched in tandem, with harnessed pairs of sleddogs pulling on tuglines attached to a central gangline. A team of sleddogs may consist of anywhere from three to two dozen animals. Sleddogs pull various sorts of sleds, with the traditional type sled being used in my captures.
I will be posting more of my photos that I captured in the Spray Valley over the next while. With the spectacular scenery that abounds in all directions, I shot a whack of megapixel captures of more sleddogs, Ice fisherman, cross country skiers and of course those spectacular Canadian Rockies. Stay tunned

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