Wednesday, January 24, 2007

High Octane

Canon 20D with 70-200L @ 200mm ISO 100

Before I give you the particulars on this photograph tittled "High Octane", I first have to talk a bit about the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA).
The Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) works to conserve, protect and enhance our natural biological resources in the province of Alberta. The vision for the ACA is an Alberta where there is good stewardship of our natural biological resources, where the habitats are maintained and improved, where people work together so that future generations can value, enjoy and use the resources. ACA receives funding from a variety of Alberta conservationists including significant contributions from Hunters and Anglers and a growing group of corporate partners.

Now that I am done with the commercial for the ACA, I will tell you what this photo "High Octane" has to do with the ACA. Twice a year the ACA sends out its publication on conservation to its members. The Fall 2006 issue of Conservation Magazine had details on a photo contest organized by the ACA and open to anyone residing in Canada, with the winning photographs to be published in the 2007 spring issue of Conservation Magazine and on the ACA website. The capture "High Octane" was entered in the category- "Industry and Conservation: Bridging the Gap". So-to get to the crux of this post, the capture "High Octane" took first place in this category.
"High Octane" was captured at the Calgary Airport this past summer of 2006 with a very smoke filled sky the result of the forest fires burning in British Columbia. The photo shows the wetlands where you can see a Blue Heron standing, along with the storage reservoirs containing jet fuel, as well as the sun hanging over the horizon reminding me of the white hot exhaust of a jet aircraft. Hence the tittle "High Octane" Oh-did I mention that I am the photographer who received the call from the ACA, informing me that my entry "High Octane" was the winning photograph. The announcement of Photo Contest Winners happened last night in conjunction with The Partners in Conservation Conference 2007 being held in Edmonton. Now you know the rest of the story, well not quite, as I now own a second Canon digital SLR camera.

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