Monday, January 29, 2007


Canon EOS20D with 10-22 @ 10mm ISO100

My lead capture shows me still still in Kananaskis Country or actually just about to enter K Country after a quick stop at Tim Hortons for coffee and a bagel in Canmore, Alberta. I had just got underway when this scene presented itself, so I pulled off of the road and set-up my tripod and camera and shot off some megapixels. The gap you see just above the building visible in this photo is where I will head after continuing on my way up to Spray Lakes.
While I had been planning for some-time to check out the Dog-Sledding action in the Spray Lakes Area of the Spray Valley, I found another related sport involving dogs that I found quite interesting.
"Skijoring"-Skijoring translates as "ski-driving", Its history derives from the Norwegians, Swedes, Fins and Laplanders. Skijoring has been done with horses and reindeer as well as dogs. It is currently used in reference to a skier pulled over snow by one or more dogs.
So after shooting photos of the dog-sledding I turned my attention to this cross-country skier and his three dogs. Skijoring is a dog's idea of paradise as my capture of one of the dogs giving out a howl in the last capture shows. Having cross-country skied, I found the idea of involving dogs in the sport appealing.
Skijoring has grown in popularity in the past ten years with it even being considered as an event in future winter Olympics. For now if you are interested in seeing or participating in any of these sports involving dogs, sleds, skies and snow, the Spray Lakes in The Spray Valley located in Kananaskis country just south of Canmore, Aberta is where its happening.

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