Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snowy Pictures

While in the city of Red Deer this past week-end, I found myself down a country-lane on the east-side of the city where I had been trying to turn around with-out getting my truck stuck in the ditch. I noticed this grove of trees that struck me as very pretty with their molted look due to the fresh snow that had settled on the branches. As soon as the wind picked-up the scene would not garner a second look. I set-up my tripod and shot the last capture in color. I originally posted this photo earlier today with a different photo. Since then I found myself wondering how this photo would look as a B&W as in the lead photo. Going further I then made further changes with a touch of sepia toning. I thought I would edit my post and place the variations up. Again for the record I shot the original photo with my 20D as a jpg in color. To get the most dynamic range, I should have shot this photo in B&W and as a raw file and then made the changes with Photoshop. The B&W as well as the Sepia version were converted with Photoshop from the color file. Confused?-What do you think? For the moment, I have the sepia version set as my background.

Changing the subject before I shut off my laptop, my next post concerns one of my captures that has garnered me some most welcome attention-stay tuned.

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