Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wind and Ice

Ask someone what he or she knows about Ice-boating or Ice-sailing, and the chances are good that you will get a blank stare. Most any week-end in the winter months, make your way out to Ghost Lake north-west of Calgary, and there you will find ice-boaters such as Peter Leon in the leading capture, sailing his ice-boat powered by a westerly blowing out of the Rockies. The lower capture shows the "Nickera" flying across the Ghost as the clouds part momentarily to freshin the westerly filling the sail. This Yankee Class iceboat built and sailed by Randy Beaton is 24ft long, 18ft wide, and has a 23ft mast. Beautiful iceboat.
This past week-end, conditions for ice-sailing were testing the prowess of these ice-boaters with a wind warning in effect. This has to be one of Alberta's most unusual winter sports. You can get more info on Ice-boating on the Ghost at: www.ghostlakeiceboats.ca
Oh-By the way, the current speed record foe Ice-boating was set in 1938 at a speed of 143mph.

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