Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Series Of Captures

Part three
As I made the turn off of Highway 901 on-to Highway 547 I made a mental note of a sign warning truckers of a weight restriction on the bridge that takes you across the Bow River twelve kilometers to the south. I placed a check-mark beside bridges in my file (memory), as I always enjoy checking out a bridge that I have not crossed before.

In no time I dropped down into the river breaks and with just a few kilometers to go to the bridge, I came upon this interesting looking Mission Church situated on the banks of the Bow River. I pulled over and fired off some megapixels with my 70-200L making another note to myself to find out more about this neat little church. The approach to the bridge is on a blind curve that has no warning signs telling you that the bridge is single lane and to watch for traffic on the bridge. Not to worry as-come to think of it, I had not seen another vehicle in the last twelve kilometers since leaving Highway 901. I pulled over and got out to do a little exploring as well as fire off more megapixels of the bridge and the river. From here it was a short climb out of the river valley and on to Arrowwood.
I had just got up on to the high ground to the south of the river breaks when I spotted this group of Mule Deer Bucks grazing and lounging in this Field along side of the road. As I pulled to a stop and scrambled to grab my camera, these muley's were starring at me intensely, ready to make a run for it if I looked threatening any any-way. My camera had my 70-200L mounted, however I needed a little more reach so I reached for my 1.4 tele-extender and quickly put it in place between the 70-200L and the camera body. I have mentioned before that your vehicle makes a good blind, open the door though and their gone. I could have used a longer lens, however I don't happen to have a Canon 600mm that goes for $12,000.00 US. I'll have to be happy with this capture for now or until someone buys me that 600mm-heck I would be happy with a Canon 400mm to go in front of my 1.4 tele-extender. That is not a insurmountable purchase someday.

Arrowwood proved to be a wash as the whole community seemed to be in bed as I passed through (don't anyone get up before 8:00AM on a glorious Sunday morning) on my way to Mossleigh. I had planned on maybe stopping for a coffee, however it would have to happen further down the road, as Mossleigh proved to be a wash also.

With the sun climbing higher all the time I was looking for maybe a few more captures before I made my way back into Calgary. I was driving along day-dreaming when I realized this old barn leaning from to many years of fighting off the westerly's, would be a good capture.

After finding a approach to get my truck off of the road, I dug my tripod out and made my way on foot back up the road to the coulee where I had first sighted this old barn. I decided this fence would work to provide the depth I required to make the capture work. I-of course had my Canon 10-22 lens in place. I shot-maybe a dozen captures, both vertical and horizontal with either capture looking good. I decided to put up a vertical here, probably for the simple reason that it fits this post better. The horizontal capture shows the coulee with its interesting early morning shadows and probably is the better capture. But you get what I show you and the other captures reside on my laptop for another time.
Canon EOS 20D with 10-22 @ 10mm ISO 100

Back in the truck and barely under way, I spotted this old homestead off in the distance, and after a couple of wrong turns, I found my way over to the place. Again tripod in hand-I decided on the best angle to shoot the capture while keeping a feedlot operation in the background and off in the distance out of the capture. I had decided after making a 360 around the old house that it was important that this tree be in the capture as well as the sun . So setting up I fired off a series of captures and once again making the final cut on my laptop I give you this one. The old house is actually not as far from me has you would think, however as I could not move the tree I would have to live with part of the tree cropped out of the capture to keep things in perspective. My camera is set up quite close to the ground as I like that low angle view in my captures.
My return into Calgary from here proved uneventful with no further captures of any consequence happening. So back to the hustle and bustle of the city, while I plan my next excursion to find that elusive capture that I so desire.
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