Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snow Country

Canon EOS 20D with 70-200L @ 70mm ISO400

I left the house Saturday morning with my expectations not to high, as the snow coming down and obscured sky's would do nothing for my captures. We had Ice Fog happening also as you can see in this photo of this railway bridge near Chestermere Lake, Alberta. I decided to set my camera up for Black and White, thinking that might be fun being it was a no color day anyway. I pulled my truck into the field across from the bridge and framed the bridge with this fence in the foreground.

Canon EOS 20D with 70-200L @ 100mm ISO400

This second capture was from a slightly different angle and shot across on the opposite side of the railway-right-away. Again the same lens was used, but at a slightly longer focal length. Don't forget when shooting photo's in the snow to allow for all that brightness from the snow which will make for under-exposed-muddy captures if the camera is allowed to make the metering decisions, as it will be fooled by the bright scene. I normally will set my camera up for a stop over exposed, although that can vary based on the scene you are shooting.

Canon EOS 20D with 70-200 @ 200mm ISO400

For this third capture I set-up in the middle of the railway crossing and set my lens at the 200mm end of the lens. I wanted the bridge cropped as tight as possible, so that the old Telegraph line would be more visible through the bridge. I had been hoping that a train would come along, however it was not to be. I shot more Black and Whites as I travelled around the countryside that I will show you later.

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