Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Canon EOS 20D with 70/200

I had to get out with my camera this morning after a busy day yesterday at the CARA ( Calgary Amateur Radio Association ) flea market, where I had a table set up with assorted fleas for sale. This morning the day started out quite warm, however a cold front moved through bringing showers and snow flurries with it. Still signs of spring are everywhere and I enjoyed my time out and about in Southern Alberta.

This deer in the heavy underbrush probably thought that she was invisible and that was almost true, however I managed to get a shot off as she peeked out through a gap in this brushy patch.
This Black Capped Chickadee insisted in getting in my face, trying for a treat in the form of sunflower seeds that I carry for such occasions.

This Richardson Ground Squirrel better known as a gopher was enjoying the new green grass shouts that were poking through the old grass from last year. The snow is gone for the moment and here's hoping it is permanent, however we will probably see more snow off and on for a while yet. The good thing is that the sun is getting higher in the sky and the temperatures are slowly increasing as March draws to the end. So I will be out again soon looking for spring arrivals in the form of the various birds arriving back from their winter homes and after maybe laying over for some R & R, will continue on to their summer nesting grounds. See you later.

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