Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools' Day

Canon EOS 20D with 70-200 @ 70mm

I have said it before that in Calgary expect the unexpected. Well is it that unexpected-snow on April Fools' day. I shot this series of photos beginning with the lead photo looking south on the lagoon in the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. I attached my flash and fired it to illuminate the snow that was falling making for this tranquil scene that I never tire of in any season.

Canon EOS 20D with 70-200 @ 200mm

I always enjoy catching my first glimpse of Wood Ducks in the spring upon their return from over-wintering along the west coast. Wood Ducks unlike other waterfowl do not nest on the ground but build their nests in trees or in nesting boxes such as those that have been placed in various trees in the sanctuary for their use.

Canon EOS 20D - 300mm - 1.4 tele-extender - electronic flash

I find Magpies very interesting to observe in the spring while they go about building their nests. I found this pair hard at work flying back and fort as they brought twigs to the nest they were constructing along one of the trails bordering the lagoon.

Canon EOS 20D - 300mm - 1.4 tele-extender - electronic flash

The nest that a Magpie builds is a very interesting design that incorporates a domed roof and a side entrance. I am not sure if this is to keep the weather out or predators from accessing the egg-cup within the nest, possibly both.

Canon EOS 20D - 300mm - 1.4 tele-extender - electronic flash

I had not noticed this nest before and believe that this pair of Magpies started building this nest from scratch. I will check up on it from time to time to see how they are progressing with nest-building and their egg-laying. Well-I guess its time to head for the truck as my camera equipment is getting very wet from the falling snow on this first day of April.

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