Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day's End

The day we experienced in Calgary yesterday got me out of the house yester-eve to shoot some photos. The lighting was very soft and made for a enjoyable drive-about in search of that perfect exposure for my camera. I found myself driving by these ruins in Victoria Park known as The Rundle Ruins. These are the remains of the large sandstone Glenmore Hospital, built in 1894, and demolished in 1973. Preservationists fought in vain to keep the building as a heritage site, and its significance to Victoria Park is still reflected in community publications.

Canon EOS 20D with prime 50mm lens - ISO100

Canon EOS 20D with 70-200mm @ 78mm ISO100
More driving took me near the Opus 2 tower under construction in North-East Calgary where this neat looking crane over-looking part of the downtown and the western horizon awaits a new day. The Opus 2 tower is part of a complex being built near the northeast leg of the LRT ( light rail transit) station at Memorial and Barlow. For the moment the site resembles a giant Erector Set with its steel beam skeleton rising from the foundation.

Canon EOS 20D with 70-200mm @ 70mm ISO100
I had decided to call it a day when this last photo came together through the windshield of my truck. This spur-line meandering past the various warehouses in the area, caught my eye as it picked up the fading light of the sun setting below the horizon. The biggest problem was the junk littering this hillside amongst the trees in the photo. In the light of day, you would not have given this scene a second look. However with careful in camera cropping and using the light to my advantage by under-exposing the shot, I came up with this last photo as the sun sets on a beautiful spring day in Calgary.

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