Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dreaming On The Road

I crawled out of bed somewhat late this morning at 6:30am, as I had watched a movie that seemed to last half of the night. I walked out of the house and crawling into the truck, I discovered the windshield covered in dew. That should have been a hint of things to come but no, It did not register that the landscape to the east was layered in a most delightful layer of misty fog. I fortunately decided to drive east on Highway 1 from Calgary to Chestemere Lake for coffee at Tim Horton's on the lake. At about 68th st east, I realized that I was looking at the sun through a haze of wonderful soft light. Not unlike a huge light-box diffusing the light. I should not tell you this but if you think talking on a cellphone while driving is tough, try composing, shooting photos and editing your results while driving. Now that's multitasking on a new level. Thank you for prime-fast-lens.

That's what happens when you don't get out of bed, then discover that your missing out on all this wonderful soft light. So now I had to push the envelope by shooting these photos while driving and watching the sun climb higher and higher into the morning sky while the whole time burning off all that wonderful fog. As I came up on the Inverlake Road, I made the turn on to it and drove east for a ways looking for what would be the perfect setting for that final capture before the sun got much higher, as it was threatening to turn this magic time back to coffee time.

I made my final approach to Chestermere Lake from the east and knowing that water and fog mix very nicely, I pulled my truck over on the shoulder of the causeway, turned on my emergency flashers and got out with my camera. I was kept busy watching the traffic as I darted back and forth getting captures of Loons on the lake through the mist and various other interesting captures.
Looking back towards the east side of the lake, I had the above scene loaded into my head before my camera was resting on the guard-rail and this final capture in my viewfinder. Who wants to be in bed on a wonderful morning such as this when you can do your dreaming on the road.

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