Thursday, April 26, 2007

Heavy Metal

I thought that the car Buffs amongst us may like to check out some of the Heavy Metal that I had a pleasure of drooling over on the week-end at the "Spring Thaw" car show. In number 1 spot is this Chevy small-block just because my brother-inlaw (Mel) comes to mind most times that I see a pretty as can be small-block such as this one. In all the years that I have known Mel, he has never wavered as to his choice of what powers his ride. Looking at a pretty small-block such as this one, I can understand why.

When I looked at this nicely detailed 302, it brought back memories of several Mustangs that I owned including a 1969 fastback that I bought new from Metro Ford here in Calgary when they were located on center street downtown (bet you didn't know that). I have to say this one is a whole lot nicer than the 302 in my 69 Mustang was. God I wish I had that car today, course its probably the memories of with whom and where it took us that I remember. If only....

The 426 Hemi puts a lump in my throat evertime that I see one, as it takes me back to a time when I bought a new Plymouth GTX with the 440 Magnum for power. At the time a new GTX was $37oo.oo. I had read all the articles in the various car rags and being they were pretty much equal in the quarter mile stock out of the box, I decided to go with the 440 as the Hemi was a $600.00 option and besides the Hemi with its dual 4 barrel carbs would be as thirsty as a parched camel in July. I was totally pleased with my GTX upon its arrival from the factory. Several months after I had been driving my GTX on the streets of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, I met a guy with a new Dodge RT with the 426 Hemi under the hood. When he opened the hood, I was sick. That Hemi oozed sex appeal in only the way a Hemi can. To this day I am sorry that I did not take the Hemi even if it was a $600.00 option.

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