Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Thaw "Nifty Fifties" Car Show

Hard to believe that its that time of year. What time of year you ask? Why-its time to get that car out of storage and polished up for the local Show & Shine. The Nifty Fifties Car Club is holding their Spring Thaw at McMahon Stadium in Calgary on Sunday at 10:00 AM

As you can see the fans are gearing up to take in all the action that's happening at a parking lot near you.

Of course not all fans will be arriving in their favorite rod, some will arrive with their "Charge to go Special".

As I browsed through the hundreds of photos that I shot last summer, I was more than impressed with the caliber of cars that I shot photos of last summer. I only posted a small sampling of the drop dead gorgeous rides that are to die for. Got to love this mellow yellow Thunderbird.

" Dreaming- I'm always dreaming" So the thought goes as this fan takes in the wonders of this fifties Chevy pick-up.

You've got to love those Lake pipes that were all the rage in the fifties.

"Hey Buddy, could you point us in the right direction, as me and my cousin hear there is a car show in town and we thought that possibly we could move a little Moonshine."

I am a sucker for these early Corvettes, course what's not to like. I have a friend from a time when your ride was everthing, who had a 1958 model that was a Chick magnet in 1969 ( I'll bet it still is). What a sweet ride it was.

This last photo brings back all kinds of memories as my dad owned a 1956 Monark that was the same color as this cool ride. After a trip to California, he arrived home with all the accessories that were hot at the time such as on this Nifty Fifties ride. That would be a Continental kit, Hollywood mufflers, Cruiser skirts-the works. Bring up the subject and he can go on for a time about that ride. Me-it was a 1967 Plymouth GTX-19 years old (me that is )and....Oh the memories of that ride. See you at a Show & Shine near you.

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