Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Thaw

Now I know why the Nifty Fifty's Club call this meet the "Spring Thaw". The weather proved to be just a bit brisk, however the cars were out in force and everyone had a great time checking out all the great rides.
This 1949 Ford caught my eye and I suspect I was not alone as you had to elbow your way through the gathered multitudes to check it out. The owner -Terry Murphy was kept busy providing details on his 49 Ford and he provided the missing link as I got him to sit behind the wheel of his very cool ride.

Of course some of the fans in attendance were on their (her) cellphones getting the news out about all the cool rides.

I had to get a photo of this neat Chevy pick-up as I not only learnt to drive in one but also took my driving test in the same (I passed). Of course it was old when I was 16, least you think me the same.

The girls in this photo proved to be a hit with everyone, as they were selling hot coffee much in demand.
This 1932 Ford three windowed coupe proved to be popular based on the large number of tickets being purchased for a chance to make it your ride.

I shot photos of many fine looking rides at the "Spring Thaw" and space is limited in this post as to what I can show you, however this Chevy definitely caught my eye. Love the detailing on the engine.

I drive a Ford pickup so this very cool early Ford pickup definitely caught my eye.
So-it's a wrap, I had a good time at the Nifty Fifty's "Spring Thaw" as I suspect everyone else did also. Nuff said.

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