Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Hump

This lead photo tells the tale as I stopped my truck at the summit of The Hump on Highway 532 and got out of the truck, made sure the emergency brake was set so that I did not have to walk back to civilization and set off down the road a piece to get this photo (expand the photo and check out this road down to the right). The very hazy horizon is approximately 100 kilometers off in the distance. Highway 22x where I made the turn on to this dusty and bumpy road is located 22 kilometers behind and below my truck. From there it is thirty kilometers north to Longview, Alberta. This road left a lot to be desired but I was determined to hike in to Bear Lake located a half hour hike North of this road that I am on.

I found the clearing off to the side of this road and loaded down with my fly-fishing equipment and way to much camera equipment I set off up a cut-line that takes you into Bear Lake. This tiny lake has a population of Arctic Grayling that have been stocked as there are no native Arctic Grayling in Southern, Alberta. Of course the hike in turned into a hour as I had to make numerous stops to shoot photos of the interesting things that I observed along the trail including this Raven that seemed interested in where I was going as he followed along.

I finally crested the long climb up to the top of the hill where I found Bear Lake ringed by Pine Trees except for one small area. I got rid of my load and assembled my fly rod as I had carried it up in it's pack-case. There was a fair amount of wind coming across from my right side and I had some difficulty in keeping my line where I wanted it without losing a ear to one of my flies I hoped to entice a Grayling with. Well I know you think that I am getting to the part where I tell you or better yet show you a Arctic Grayling in my landing net. Sorry but it did not happen on this trek to Bear Lake but I am determined to make it happen yet this summer. Well its time to pack up and roll on down the hill to do some exploring in the area.

I find it amusing that when I was looking for Prairie Crocus where they should have been, they were few and far between. I found the trail into Bear Lake awash with Prairie Crocus and the best part was as you can see in this photo, they are at their best with vibrant colors all around. I again took way to many photos of them but enjoyed crawling around on the slopes where they were enjoying the sun.

I came around a corner of this dusty road and what should I observe but these two geese sitting in this tiny lake thanks to a beaver dam just out of sight in my photo. In the city of Calgary where the parks are over run by geese, most people including myself seldom give them a second glance. However I could not get my camera out fast enough to capture this image of these two geese who paid me no never mind as they swam about in this very pretty setting.

Much closer back towards Highway 22x and out of Kananskis country but now in prime ranching country I found myself pulling over to capture this image of this fence running up this hill with the Bluebird house part way up the fence-line. I did not catch any Arctic Grayling on this day but came away with many good memories of my time spent chasing after them. So as they say in the funnies-That's all folks, catch you next time.
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