Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Reincarnation Of Jesse James

I read with interest lately that the movie "Jesse James" starring Brad Pitts is due for release this fall. I was interested for several reasons, one being the fact that the movie was shot in and around Alberta and the second reason is that the location in the Calgary area was at Mckinnon Flats southeast of Calgary.

Mckinnon Flats is very popular with anglers myself included who use it as access to The Bow River, known as one of the top dry fly-fishing rivers in North America . However having said that, this is not about The Bow and its fly-fishing. This is about this cool old homestead that is located at Mckinnon Flats and had peaked my interest in exploring it some time ago.

For years I have wondered about this homestead that I could see off in the distance as I switch-backed down the slopes of the river valley on my way to fish The Bow. Curiosity finally overcame me this past week-end and after being skunked fishing on a day when the river was rolling mud, I packed up my gear and drove back to where I could park my truck as close as possible to the gate that gives access to this homestead but is kept locked. I climbed over the fence and hiked up the river valley to this homestead. I have to say it is one cool location to shoot a movie. I shot a lot of photos including one of the hole in the wall where Jesse James was shot in the back as he dusted a picture hanging on the wall.

Now I am not going to show you the bullet hole in the wall that came from Bob Ford's gun when he shot Jesse James in the back as you will have to see the movie for that. However while I was exploring amongst the buildings which also includes a root-cellar that looked very forbidding when I looked in the entrance and kept me out, I kept getting this creepy feeling someone or something was watching me. At one point as a shadow passed over me, I looked up to see this Red Tailed Hawk soaring overhead. I could be wrong but I got the feeling that he was connected to this place somehow. Then it all came clear.

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