Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gotta Love It

I had tossed and turned it seemed like most of the night, so after looking at the bedside clock one last time, I called it quits and was out of bed at 5:00 am. I decided that being that I couldn't sleep I may as well greet the sun as it spread its light over this wetlands that borders the Inverlake Road just out of Chestermere Lake.

I never tire of seeing a new sunrise as you never see two sunrises alike and this one was no exception. The stillness of the air allowed for the early morning sounds to carry for a long way on this morning that would prove to be a gorgeous day.

I had barely stoped my truck when I was greeted by the sight of this American Avocet as he went about sweeping his bill from side to side along the surface of the water to pick up aquatic insects and floating seeds.

As the morning warmed I was treated to Damselflies making their way along the edges of the wetlands in search of flies, mosquito's and other small insects that they feed on. I'm sure that I get many strange looks as I crawl about stalking these fascinating insects with my camera.

As with most wetlands that have a healthy growth of cattails, this wetlands has large stands of cattails that harbour interesting marsh birds such as this female Red-Winged Blackbird. I always know when I am near a nest that has been built amongst the reeds as the parent birds fly by a whole lot closer to me as they perch on cattails and look apprehensively wishing that I would go away. I always back off to put their minds at ease.

While I was making my way along the edge of this wetlands I came upon this female Goldeneye duck who seemed not all that thrilled to see me and at the same time did not seem like she wanted to leave her position at the edge of the wetlands.

I suspected that possibly this female Goldeneye may have ducklings nearby and at that point I decided to retreat to a stand of last years cattails that would serve as a blind. I had been observing her for a short time when I got the answer to her discomfort with my being so near to her. She had eleven baby ducklings that she had tucked under her where they had been keeping warm and probably catching some shuteye. I probably had roused them, as soon there were baby Goldeneye ducklings swimming in all directions under the watchful eye of the momma duck. Knowing that I could not top that, I decided that it was time that I headed down the road a piece and maybe pick up a coffee to fuel the high that I had going for me. After such a restless night, a morning like this fixes all your ills in short order. Gotta Love It

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