Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Canon 20D - EF 300mm - ISO400 - F11 - 1/350sec

Earlier this evening I found myself at the Chestermere Lake Yacht Club where I thought that I might find the sailboats out on the water. I noticed this less than interested group of young ladies reading what possibly could be romance novels or chick lit. The difference is that romance novels center on the hero ,and culminate with the hero getting the girl. In chick lit, the central character is the heroine, and the love interest is a little more peripheral to the story, and she may or may not end up getting the guy. Just kidding girls.

I had just been through the Tim Horton's drive thru when I noticed Ty and his friends jumping their bikes over a mound of dirt on a construction site. I used my super-wide lens to capture this photo of Ty and his bike silhouetted against the sun as he went airborne coming over the top.

I had noticed a kite out over the water just north of the causeway as I made my way over to Tim's and went down to the water front near the boat launch where I found Danielle ( correct spelling on the name I hope ) and her dad kite flying. I have fond memories flying kites with my daughter Jennifer when she was about Danielle's age. Of course Jennifer accused me of going overboard with the kite flying when I mounted a camera on the kite.

So with these lazy, hazy days of summer, those "days of soda pretzels and beer" are upon us. Of course one of the things that comes to mind when you say "beer" are those succulent "field grown" red globes ripening in the fields known as tomatoes that are perfect for those BLT's that go great with with the beer in place of the pretzels. I know that I am rambling here but the heat can do that to a person, mind you I'm not complaining you understand, as I have been looking forward to summer for some time. I spent some time last night down at Millennium Park in Calgary shooting photos of the boarders and being that I wear a cap with a bill, I am forced to wear it with the bill to the rear as not to interfere with my camera. Of course everyone there had the cap bill facing backwards, sidewise or anywise except bill forward as god intended as it keeps the sun out of your eyes. My new friend "Mike" whom I met there, offered me a beer as we watched the volley ball girls kicking sand, spends a fair amount of time in the park as he has his camp set up near by, said there are two reasons for this "First because they can and second, because they know it irritates the hell out of you". Actually I seem to be wearing my hat this way more and more, so I think I'll get a new wardrobe to complete the new look, that should irritate the hell out of my daughter Jennifer who wonders why I am down there in the first place. It's called "Hanging out" Jennifer

Canon EOS 20D - EF 300mm - ISO400 - F16 - 1/2000sec - 2 stops under

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