Saturday, July 07, 2007

Magnificent Flying Machines

Canon 20D - 70/200 @ 200mm - f11 - 1/350sec - ISO200

Canon 20D - EF 70/200 @ 200mm - f11 - 1/125 - ISO200

I must say that the day that I just spent at the AJ Flying Ranch was a great time and I definitely will be attending again next year. This annual event is co-hosted by the Nanton Lancaster Air Museum and the AJ Flying Ranch. The location of the AJ Flying Ranch is aproxmitly 10 kilometers north and east of Nanton and proved to be a beautiful location with the Porcupine Hills visible in the distance. The fly-in was well attended with a count at one time of thirty-five aircraft in attendence.

The planes that flew in ranged from gorgeous homebuilts, a hot air balloon, a homebuilt helicopter, and various vintage aircraft, one being a Chipmunk owned by my friend John Phillips and a Stearman owned by the AJ Flying Ranch that is as pretty as a picture. Of course it was not only about the airplanes as I found the people in attendence a delight and I suspect everyone had as good a time as I did. I have added a link for my gallery that shows some of the photos that I shot on this fun filled day-Enjoy.

Canon EOS 20D - EF 70/200 @ 115mm - f13 - 1/750sec - ISO200

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