Saturday, July 21, 2007


Canon EOS 20D - EF 50mm - f1.4 - 1/125sec - ISO1600

Last evening proved to be a very entertaining time, as Jennifer and I had made our way down to the Macnally Robinson-Downtown Calgary Harry Potter Family Street Festival on Diagon Alley. Muggles of all ages were there at this family-friendly festival. If you tired of checking out the crowd in attendance, there were acts such as "Velocity Motion Werks" whose performers were amazing. If you wished you could get your fortune told and also enchanting music went hand in hand with Magical Acts, crafts & creepy performers.

Of course the reason for all the Muggles in attendance was the release of the book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," to be released at midnight. I began seeing Muggles in a lineup by 10:30pm with excitement building as the witching hour drew near. People that I talked to said that they had taken part in other releases, however "this is the biggest" one and all agreed. If you did not wish to be in the lineup, I read on line that 1,200 copies of the book had accidentally been sent out early, and already had found their way to eBay. On Thursday morning the book was available for up to $1000.00 U.S.

Here in Calgary, Canada Post will have 90 trucks out Saturday to deliver 6,300 copies of the 800 page book to Calgary customers who ordered it online through Amazon and Chapters bookstores. Anyway enough of that and back to the Muggles on the Stephan Avenue Mall who were asking the question-Will Harry Die? I saw tearful children and adults alike who hoped that author J.K. Rowling spared the beloved, bespectacled boy wizard in the last of the seven Harry Potter books. It definitely was the topic that everyone seemed to want to discuss as Rowling said that she would kill off two main characters in the final book. Another hour and everyone would have the answer.

I must say that everyone seemed to be having a super time and some of the costumes worn by the Muggles in attendance were impressive indeed. I believe there were approximately 3,000 people in attendance and fun was had by all. I got separated from my daughter Jennifer who was off with her friend Kelly while I shot photos, so that proved out all right as it can be quite boring tagging along with a wounded wing and unable to use a camera. What do I speak of you ask? Jennifer broke her arm last weekend and has a cast on her right arm. Don't ask how she managed it, but lets just say it was something that makes sense when your 21 years of age. I just love those 4:00am phone-calls! Anyway midnight came and all the Harry Potter fans had their prize in the form of the book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows." As for myself I collected Jennifer and headed for the barn at 1:ooam as I had a photo mission planned for later this morning.
Oh-on a final note all these photos were shot at a ISO1600 if you question the quality.

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