Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Beginnings

Canon EOS 20D - 10/22 @ 10mm - f16 - 1/45 - ISO100

Canon EOS 20D - 10/22 @ 10mm - f9.5 - 1/750 - ISO100

"We have to return to our past and learn of our beginnings.

Only then we will see clearly all that is ahead of us"

Words that I learnt while visiting the world class Interpretive Centre know as Blackfoot Crossing. I had not been out to Blackfoot Crossing located on Siksika Nation lands since this past spring and at that time I only had a quick look around as there was still snow on the ground and of course the centre was not open to the public. So on this day I headed east to Blackfoot Crossing located 100 kilometers east of Calgary on the Bow River escarpment, the place that the signing of Treaty #7 took place at in 1877. The Interpretive Centre is built on a hill that overlooks one of the largest and intact riverine ecosystem of its kind in North America.

Blackfoot Crossing has been a meeting place for thousands of years and is steeped in the history of the Blackfoot People. If you are confused by the fact that the centre is located on land belonging to the Siksika, then be aware that the word Siksika quite literally means "blackfoot" in the blackfoot language. However I am not the one to be giving you a history lesson on the past history of the Siksika Nation, for that you will have to make the trek to Blackfoot Crossing. I shot many more photos than the ones that I show you here, however I hope you see through my eyes what a cool place this is to visit. I am not able to show you photos from within the exhibit as the remnants on exhibit are very sacred to the Blackfoot people. Besides the Blackfoot heritage exhibition, it features a 100 seat theatre, galleries, a restaurant and gift shop, as well as a tepee village that you can stay in overnight.

The dream of the Siksika is that the new and young Siksika will come and learn of their past, and help to retain and keep alive the proud heritage and legacy left by the ancestors of the Blackfoot people. The Siksika hope that other visitors will also learn about the proud past of Siksika and become educated about the rich and unique spiritual foundation and survival of their culture.

So it is most fitting that they have built a home in which to house the past, the culture and legacy left by their ancestors. Do visit, its not to be missed.

Canon EOS 20D - EF 10/22 @ 10mm - f22 - 1/250sec - ISO400 - fill flash

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