Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thrill Machines

Canon EOS 20D with 10/22 @ 12mm - f16 - 1/125sec - ISO100 - 1 stop

It's been a while since I last made a visit to the Calgary Stampede, so Saturday I decided that it was time that I made a long over due visit. I decided that I would make my way down to the grounds in the late afternoon, as I really only wanted to visit the midway to capture photos of the beautiful people whirling around on these rides. I realized many years ago that my stomach seems to protest this type of abuse, so on this day I would be strictly a spectator.

Of course I knew that I would be close up and personal through the lens of my camera which gives me the thrill of it all anyway without the upset stomach. I must say that I had a great time shooting photos of all the beautiful people who love to be "thrilled" half to death on the midway rides while others seemed to be happy sucking back a Carmel apple at the various concession booths. Don't you just love the expressions on the faces of these two fun seekers who seem totally enamored by this metal contraption they are strapped in to and are being whirled about and turned upside down all in the name of fun.

So what makes a ride thrilling you ask? Well in any other context "thrill" would be known as "fear." Midway rides are thrilling because they provide the same kind of feeling to your body that would proceed a possible fatal accident. Feeling itself being plunged down at a high rate of speed, the body assumes it is falling. Thrown about violently the body assumes its under attack. All these sensations flood the body with adrenaline and other hormones. With our hearts pounding, and butterflies in the stomach, we scream "because we are having so much fun." If you don't believe me ask my two fun seekers in the photo. If its all to much for you, the various galleries were much in demand such as this basketball game where the idea was to put the ball in the basket. In the half hour that I spent nearby, I not once seen anyone make the ball go through The hoop. Oh well, if he wants a stuffed animal bad enough- there's always "Walmart" on the way home.

I shot a lot of megapixels in the time that I spent on the midway and if you wish to see some of the photos, visit my galleries at
Click on "Carnival" or "Candids."

Canon EOS 20D with 10/22 @ 22mm - f16 - 1/125 - ISO100- 1 stop

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