Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heads Up

Canon EOS 20D with 70/200 @ 200mm - f11 - 1/750 - ISO400

I am sure that you have noticed our smoke filled skies in southern Alberta lately. I am a sucker for sun shots when this occurs, as the smoke laden skies adds to the enhancement of the colors without resorting to manipulating my photos in photo shop. I found myself making the drive down to McKinnon Flats south of Langdon Alberta where I planned on doing some fly fishing on "The Bow". The condition of the water is terrific at this time of the season and I wanted to check out the conditions to see if the changing season as given us fall fishing conditions yet.

On the way down to the old fishing hole, I was hoping that I would see signs of harvest underway and I was not disappointed. Just south of highway #1, I came upon these combines picking up swaths in this field just off of the road to Carsland. I have shot photos on this particular farm in the past and must say it is a impressive operation with four combines in operation allthough they were spread out throughout the field and only two are shown here. I shot this photo with my 300mm lens from a fair distance and was able to keep the dust out of my camera body. DSLR's can be a pain when dust gets on the sensor as it shows up as blobs in your photos, especially in photos with the sky visible. Of course you can remove it in photo shop however that is a pain as well. So when I cannot stand it anymore, my "Visible Dust " sensor cleaning kit comes out and is put to use.

I was amazed at the number of vehicles with and without trailers in the parking lot at McKinnon Flats when I had made my way down the slopes of the river valley to the river. A fair number of river boats were being launched for the float down to the takeout just above Carsland. Fisherman were checking gear and maybe changing frayed leaders from a previous outing on the river. Fishing guides were loading the gear required for a successful float with their clients who possibly were fishing the lower bow for the first time. As to my own success on the bow on this day, It was up to my expectations as always. Later.

Canon EOS 20D with EF 300mm @ f8 - 1/250 - ISO400

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