Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beauty and Sadness

Canon EOS with EF 70/200 @ 90mm - f8 - 1/90sec - ISO 400 - +1stop

Beauty and Sadness was running through my mind on this morning that found me southwest of Calgary in Kananaskis Country near the head waters of the ElbowRiver. The part of my mind that recorded the beauty, had me listening to the silence ( once I got away from my truck ) with the sounds around me being muffled by the falling snow that covered the ground like a white blanket. Watching the woods fill up with snow was exhilarating knowing that the visitors of summer have gone and given these woods back to the wildlife such as these Whitetail Deer and other lesser known creatures of these mountains.
The part of my mind that recorded the sadness is the part of me that knows summer will become a distance memory as the earth tilts further away from the sun and remembering nature bursting with life and activity. Of warm days that brings a laid-back easiness to you. Of the summer plants that grew producing fruit for the birds to eat, and lets not forget the bears who are fattening up on Buffaloberries at this time of the year in preparation for their hibernation through the long winter ahead.

I had pulled into a pull-out just off of Highway 66, where I had noticed a number of vehicles covered in snow and wondering to myself as to the destination of the occupants on this snowy day, I soon had the answer. From the far reaches of the Elbow River these very wet back country travellers made a appearance from the steep slope that dropped off to the river below. Turns out that Jay, Matt and Brendan as well as some of their other friends had made their way up along the river to a spot where they had camped out.

Snow was probably not high on the list of activities of what they had planned for this day. Breaking up camp and heading back to the trail-head proved to be a slip sliding experience. Getting soaked through and through from the melting snow adds to the joys of winter camping. Oh-sorry its not winter yet-or maybe it is. Oh-well its only 30k back to Bragg Creek and there you can partake in a great breakfast at my favorite eatery in Bragg Creek at the "Boardwalk Cafe." The thought of it is putting a smile on Matt's face and making him forget of being somewhat wet. Talk to you Guy's later.

Canon EOS with EF300mm - EF 1.4 extender @ f8 - 1/250 - ISO 400

"Creatures afraid of heights would look at the South Face of Yamnuska and shiver. But to the Raven's End ravens it offered food, shelter, updrafts - all the necessities of life."
This raven sitting in this tree made me think of the book by author Ben Gadd - "RAVEN'S END" a book that transports you into the world of ravens.

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