Sunday, September 02, 2007

High Voltage Tattoo

I bet you know this tattoo artist chick as Kat Von D, however I'll bet you didn't know that her full name is Katherine Von Drachenberg. Just one of the tidbits I picked up while hanging out at her booth at the "Tattoo & Art's Festival" happening in Calgary. Out of all the tattoo artists in attendance, I'll bet that Kat Von D and her talented group out of her shop "High Voltage Tattoo" in Los Angeles were the most popular on this day. Kat spent three hours performing her magic on the lady under her tattoo gun in the photo. Fan's in attendance waited in line the whole time for a chance to get her autograph or maybe have a photo taken with her.

We don't want to forget some of the other artists that were traveling with Kat on this day, such as Corey Miller who is giving me a big smile in this photo. Corey owns "Six Feet Under" Tattoo Parlor in Upland California, but was enticed by Kat to come and work in her shop "High Voltage Tattoo" (the focus for her new television show "LA Ink" ) in LA. Besides the other "Tattoo Artists Chicks", the booth was well organized by these two babes (their words, when I asked) who were on top of things and making sure everything went smoothly.

The wee folk were not left out of the fun with this clown doing his magic with balloons that he turned in to fun things that kept the kids enthralled. I shot a whole lot of photos while cruising the festival, as great body art was everywhere one turned and it was impossible to capture it all. I will post more photos in my galleries of the many guys and gals that allowed me to shoot photos of them.

Not to be forgotten are the "Roller Derby Chicks", who were a blast to watch as they put on a show that had the crowd "In To It" as the roller derby chicks showed a whole lot of glam and guts while skating and blocking and at the same time trying to skate through to the front. Its not hard to figure out that roller derby is hard on the body and that it takes a certain mentality to be in roller derby. To quote one of the girls who told me " You don't want to give a shit" All in all I had a whole lot of fun and I will be back next year.

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