Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life's Journey

Life is a journey and it is about growth, discovery, transformation, and continuously expanding your vision. That is part of the journey that these two very young one day to be Rock Stars in my photo found themselves on. But they and everyone else in their lives at that time had nooo idea that one day they would trade in those ice cream cones for real microphones and take the music world by storm. However I am getting away from their beginnings that date back to 1980 when they came out onto the world stage. I have this memory of these two really tiny babies that I saw for the first time in the General Hospital here in Calgary soon after their mother kicked them out of their womb because she was tired of their continuous kicking and arguing as to who would go first.

I have many photos in my albums of Tegan and Sara and that probably is due to the fact that they were more than willing to be in my photos. Now when I walk through Chapters and glance at the magazine rack and see their faces starring back at me from every other magazine, I think of a time when I was their main photographer. Here I was preparing them for stardom and they had no idea as to the where and when (of course, neither did I). It's been sometime since I had last saw Tegan and Sara perform on stage and decided that it was time that I check them out when they next played in Calgary. Now I have to tell you that the last time I saw them perform they were playing to a much smaller audience.

When I heard that they would be playing at the sold-out Jubilee, I realized that they had made some inroads as to the number of fans they had picked up along the road that their journey has so far taken them down. I knew that I was in for a treat to say the least. Now-I have to tell you that I am not doing a review as to their music abilities on this night, as I am the last person that is in a position to give that to you but you can pay heed to these words....


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