Saturday, October 06, 2007

Chemestry Of Autum Colors

I stepped out the door this morning to a heavy blanket of fog wrapped around everything and thought to myself that just maybe I would get some of my favorite type of captures. As the earth tilts on its axis putting us further away from the sun, those of us that live north of the 49th parallel are seeing the sun later and later in the mornings as we march relentlessly towards winter. I made my way over to the drive-thru at Tim Hortons for a coffee to go and at about the same time I realized that somewhere over this fog-bank that enveloped everthing there were solid overcast skies.

That was disappointing to me as it means blah dreary muted colors unless a certain amount of sunlight is allowed to shine through and bring the potential for good captures to life. What do you do but- lets go for a drive and maybe just maybe, I would find a break in the cloud cover to allow me to see through this fog and find something of interest for my cameras. So with my radios murmuring softly in the background, I meandered in a southeasterly direction along Dunbow road. On occasion I picked up the mike from my HF radio and made several contacts on 80 meters with Hams in Washington and Oregon to pass the time.

Shortly after crossing the Highwood river and having pulled over to shoot the lead photo, my cell phone rang. A look at the display told me nothing about the caller so early in the morning. I picked up to a familiar voice. "Hey Jerry whatch you up to on this foggy morning - I just passed by you sitting on that approach to the bridge". Wouldn't you know it, here I am hiding out on some back road and I am found out by one of friends who is on his way to Waiparous camping with his trailer behind his truck and his quad loaded in the box. After passing pleasantries back and forth I decided that I would make my way back to Calgary and as I neared the outskirts I began to see patches of blue here and there through the fog.

I was making my way north up the Deerfoot near the Inglewood golfcourse which brought back memories of the year I lived there in a log cabin located beside the clubhouse. Of course due to progress the cabin does not exist any longer. This was before Deerfoot Trail existed as well and it was like living on an estate in the country. Oh the memories of hanging out with the girls from the clubhouse and midnight visits to the canal back of the clubhouse with maybe a little swimming and maybe a little.... Ok-lets get back to this morning. The next stop I made was at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary where I was able to capture some of the remaining colors in the sanctuary that are fading quickly. As the leaves stop making food and the chlorophyll the green pigment that masks all the other colors during the growing season begins to break down, allowing the other colors to show through. The yellows and oranges that you see were there all along. Unfortunately their time has passed and the colors have begun to fade. I still was able to capture a few shots of both the trees and some of the residents who were not impressed as you can see from their expressions. Okay-I get the hint- time to go.

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