Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Enjoy The Day

Canon EOS with EF 70-200mm @ 70mm - f8 - 1/1000sec - ISO 400

With weather like we have been experiencing lately, it was a easy task to find people out enjoying themselves on this gorgeous day. Early morning found me in Fish Creek Park where I had been looking for wildlife but as the sun climbed high, I switched to observing the people that were enjoying their time in the park. That included fisherman on the Bow, joggers on the pathways and even a photographer shooting photos of a large group broke down into the various smaller family groups. I had been looking at some of my captures on my camera monitor when a conversation I overheard on one of my radios got my attention. One of the guys talking on the radio mentioned that he was in Okotoks and that there was a cool old steam locomotive on a rail siding in downtown Okotoks. I picked up my radio mike and asked where it had came from and as to its destination. With some detective work on my part I realized it was the CPR Empress 2816 out of Calgary. It was due to leave for Calgary as soon as it took on water. I knew that this rail-line goes through Dewinton and pointed my truck in that direction. I have various frequencies programmed in my FM radio for my various interests and the frequency 161.480mhz is the one that the CPR uses on their mainlines. In no time I was picking up conversations between the south bound freight and the Empress. The Empress would be pulled into a siding at Dewinton to allow for the freight to pass by on its run south. This was welcome news as it gave me the needed time to scout a location for photos just out of Dewinton. I had just got out of my truck with my camera when the southbound freight passed my location. In short order the Empress waiting patiently on a siding, sounded her whistle and proceeded out on to the mainline headed in my direction. I captured a good number of photos as she came into view including the lead photo and a number of others as she pulled by me smoke billowing from her stack and her cars loaded with rail-fans who were hanging out of every open window enjoying the ride. Knowing this area quite well I jumped in my truck and headed down to the next level crossing several kilometers away where I captured a few more photos of this very nicely restored steam locomotive before she pulled out of sight her steam whistle singing her goodbye.

Canon EOS with EF 300mm - EF 1.4 extender @ f8 - 1/500 sec - ISO 400

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