Monday, January 07, 2008

Cycle Show

Canon EOS with 22mm - f5.6 - 1/30sec @ ISO 400 - fill flash

I thought for sure that last years motorcycle show was not all that long ago and wouldn't you know it-its been a year-go figure. I could tell that the show was a hit based on the amount of vehicles in the parking lot as I cruised looking for a spot to park my truck. I finally did that and after entering the main hall at the Roundup Centre I knew that I was right as the cycle enthusiasts in attendance were wall to wall.

There was a lot going on to keep the crowd happy including a fashion show with the latest in cycle fashions to go with your Harley. Also lets not forget a tattoo of your favorite fantasy character as this gal was having inked on her body. With a smile on her face she let me know that she had more tattoos on her body not visible-whatever she meant by that.

Others were waiting patiently for their turn under the needle. And here I thought that that all the LA Ink fans had been inked at the Tattoo Convention last fall. I have a photo of Pixie Acia the shop manager for Kat Von D's shop "High Voltage Tattoo" that I shot at the Calgary Tattoo Convention, on a site that was going no where fast until the TV show LA Ink made her famous. Lately this photo I shot of Pixie has generated thousands of hits and the photo has been uploaded to every Pixie Acia fan site on the Internet. I have even seen my photo being sold on one site. Kind of funny actually.

In the back hall there was all the smoke and exhaust fumes you could breath in at any one time, to make all the race fans happy as they had a course set up with racers of all ages and gender performing their magic on race bikes. They were finding the corners somewhat slick, as many a racer checked out the tires lining the course when they layed their bike down.

The corral was also a popular stop with everyone who was in attendance there to see the "Globe of Death," a sixteen foot 4 ton steel ball with two dare devils. They had two cycles inside this ball criss-crossing each other at speed-insane to say the least.

When you got tired of checking out all the cool cycles as well as the great cycle fans up and down the isles, there was the beer garden. I ran in to a friend who was at the show doing much the same as myself-shooting photos of the cycles and their fans. We managed to squeeze in to a table where we compared photo techniques amongest other things. After swapping stories back and forth, we parted company and I headed for the exit. The day brought back a lot of memories of fun-times that I had when I was in my twenties riding cycles and......Oh-sorry my mind was somewhere else there for a moment-See ya later.

Canon EOS with 10mm - f5.6 - 1/10 sec @ ISO 400 - fill flash

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