Friday, February 29, 2008

The Bare Bones

Canon 10/22mm f/3.5 lens with EOS 40D - ISO 400 - Matrix metering - fill flash with diffuser - 1/125 sec @ f3.5 set for histogram check.

I've spent so much time lately shooting wildlife/nature photos that I had to take a second when it came time for me to switch gears and head over to the "World Of Wheels" being held at the Round-Up Center. What I'm referring to is the fact that wildlife/nature photography differs somewhat from shooting photos of bikes, cars and people. Lets see - what comes out of the bag and what goes in to the bag and lets spin the dials on the DSLR to set up for glitz and glamour and were all set to go.

I knew the place would be jammed as per usual when I found the parking lot filled to capacity with vehicles clean to the south end of the lot. So be it as it would add to the excitement of it all. I like to travel light as far as gear that I carry for events such as this, I need only two lens - one a wide angle zoom and the other my trusty 70/200 zoom. Of course a flash with a diffuser for the flash head is a necessity as well.

I had been in the building just a short time when they announced that Pixie Acia of "LA Ink " would be putting in a appearance for fans to have their photo shot with her as well as a autographed photo of Pixie. This photo I shot just as she came in is Pixie in her street clothes. Once she strips off the outer wear all that's left are her tattoos and not much else. I find it funny that a year ago when she came up for the tattoo convention, no one knew who she was and could have cared less as "Kat Von D" of "LA Ink" was the celebrity of the tattoo convention on that day. I shot a photo of Pixie at that time that I had posted here and lately as the name Pixie Acia becomes better known, my photo is getting 500 hits a day and at last count has received 50,000 hits. Google her name sometime.

I always have fun seeing how I see the show somewhat different than the other fans in attendance. What I am trying to say is that I cut. Yes, cut the clutter out of the photos that I shoot such as these photos of this bike. What with all the background clutter creating distractions, I go for the bits and pieces of the show except when the complete picture is needed.

I love the murals that adorned the cool rides, especially on the bikes. It must have something to do with the economics as the custom rods and cars on display were much more sedately adorned. There were many fine bikes on display and my favorite was the bike in my lead photo. I tweaked the lighting somewhat to give it the lighting it deserved to go with the skeleton and skulls.

For the photography buffs amongst us, I use fill flash in all my photos with high speed sync allowing me to shoot natural light photos. I will check the histogram for each image and make the necessary adjustments for proper exposure based on that. I also use a flash diffuser that is very important for soft natural looking lighting.

Don't you just love this 1950's Texaco Service Station? I loved it from the moment that I set eyes on it and asked the guy's looking after it to allow me in to shoot photos of the complete station in and out. So to close out this post, I show you what was my probably my favorite ride on display on this day. This 1955 GMC pick-up I suspect was a favorite with the judges to as it took the Best Of Show 2008 award. Later
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World Of Wheels - Best Of Show 2008 - 1955 GMC Pick-Up

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