Friday, February 08, 2008

Snow Snow Everywhere

Needing a snow fix found me up in the Spray Lakes area of Kananaskis Country again lately where snow abounds in all directions as my photos show. Of course I am anxious for spring as I have a list of photos I wish to shoot that does not include snow. I have been busy as a beaver lately, between shooting photos and working on my various sites on the internet. The list grows with the following addresses- - my new "PRAIRIES TO MOUNTAINS" website still being uploaded to and tweaked. Then there is my galleries on pbase - - that I upload photos to. Next on the list is my hamradio website - - that pertains to all things ham radio and projects that I build in my machine shop. Last but not least is my blog - Jerry's Journal - at that is most important to me as this is the site from where I keep you informed as to what I am up to, along with a few photos of my wanderings throughtout southern Alberta.

Now if the internet or one of my computers does not self-destruct (like the spell-checker that is down at the moment), I should be able to keep up with up-dating and maintenance of my four sites. Actually I have to correct myself as my website is maintained by my friend Brian VE6BCA who owns the server and is the webmaster for this website. He does a great job of keeping things running smoothly and up-dating information for me as required - thanks Brian.

Would you believe that I'm composing this while I make my way south on the Smith Dorian highway in Kananskis Country? - Not, but I could if I so so desired by using my cellphone as a modem for my laptop. Course I could end-up with a bill like the one that was in the news lately where this guy was downloading movies and what-not and got a $65,000.00 bill in the mail for one month. That's not about to happen to me anytime soon, not with Wi-fi connections available in most public places such as Starbucks and Tim Hortons that are everywhere.

Wildlife seemed to have disappeared while I made my circuit through Kananskis Country on this day, allthough as I pulled into Sawmill, a popular cross-country sking/snow shoeing area where I planned on brewing a pot of tea , I immediatly had company in the form of two Grey-Jays (Whiskey-Jacks) looking for handouts. They were quite comical to watch as they would perch on my truck or a nearby snowbank looking for treats. I carry a mixture of bird seed just for such a occasian and came away with photos in payment.

I made a few more stops including one at Black prince where I wished I had brought my snowshoes along as the snow conditions were superb. A few more photos and I had to think about pushing on, as I had to get back to town and return to the real world. Again - I apologize for any spelling mistakes, as my spell-checker is still down. Later

Ice Fishing on Spray Lakes

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