Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sticky Snow

Canon 70/200mm f/2.8 L lens and EOS 40D - ISO 640 spot metering +1/2 stop: 1/60 sec @ f16 set for histogram check

I went to bed at approximately 12:30am earlier this morning with a slight dusting of snow on the ground at that time. I awoke at 7:00am and was shocked upon looking out the window by the sight of snow coming down quite heavily with accumulations in the neighbourhood of 10cm. So much for my well laid plans on this morning which included photographing the Tundra Swans that I had observed at Johnson's Island on the Bow near Carsland several days ago. In actuality it was not such a bad morning when I went out to my truck and headed over to the coffee shop. I realized that the temperatures were quite pleasant as I swept the snow off of my truck. The snow coming down was sticking to everything it touched and I could see the possibilities of some interesting photos in this sticky snowI decided not to get to far from home with a number of things that I could get done once the shops opened up later in the morning. Meanwhile a drive through the neighbourhood of Inglewood as well as along the Bow proved to be fun with the snow still coming down fairly heavy at times and with the temperature hovering around the freezing mark, the snow gave the neighbourhood a look that made for interesting photos.I also found myself in the neighbourhood of Ramsay where I shot more photos mostly in black and white, although at time I switched to color when the image would need a dash of color. I love digital cameras for their capability to switch back and forth at the flick of a switch. When I shot with film cameras you either shot in color or black and white. At times I would pull the film out and change from one to the other. At that point you either pulled the roll out and upon replacing that roll with the other, it was required that you guess as to what frame you were on with interesting unintentional double exposures at times. Sometimes when I felt like carrying two cameras with me I would keep color in one and black and white in the other. Having said that, I'll take my digital cameras over the film cameras of old any day.While in Ramsay and in the vicinity of the Union cemetery I stopped and spent a wonderful half hour or more shooting black and whites with some interesting captures on this day like possibly this photo of one of the local residents taking wing. I realized after a time that the snow had stopped and with the temperatures beginning to rise, the snow was melting and before the day was out the snow that fell would be a distant memory.
As I made my way home through Inglewood I decided to stop at the "Tea Trader" an importer and retailer of tea located in Inglewood. If you are in the area do not miss the opportunity to visit this neat shop. I was pleased when I arrived to find that my friend Paulie had just brewed a fresh pot of tea and I enjoyed a cup with good conversation while surrounded by the pleasing aromas of exotic teas. At Tea Trader they endeavour to bring the highest quality teas to the public and furthermore, to educate the palate in the myriad tastes of tea and introduce tea as a worthy cultural pursuit. Works for me. Check it out sometime when your in the Inglewood area and if your not able to, then their website will get you there. Later

Canon 70/200mm f2.8 L lens with EOS 40D - ISO 640 spot metering +1/2 stop: 1/350 @ f8 set for histogram check. Set for Sepia tone in post processing of raw file

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