Sunday, August 31, 2008

Southern Route

Lumbreck Falls

"Will you get back in this truck". "If we want to get to Jaffray before the week-end is over, we have to get moving". My wife and I had left Calgary earlier in the day and were on our way to Tie Lake which is located just north of the small town of Jaffray, located in southern British Columbia. The week-end was not suppose to be a photo gathering exercise, however I go nowhere without my camera gear and a photo now and again wouldn't hurt would it? I had made the turn onto highway 3 some miles back and upon seeing the sign ahead that indicated Lumbreck Falls was coming up and being it was just off of the highway a short distance, I decided to stop for a quick walk-about. Lumbreck Falls is located on The Crowsnest River, one of my favourite rivers to fly fish. Located southwest of Calgary, about 2 hours, the Crow winds its way through the Rocky Mountains eastward, creating an excellent walk and wade river along the way. The Crow is divided into 2 sections along this stretch, because of the Lumbreck Falls. The lower water is home for rainbows and browns that average 15 to 17 inches, with cutthroat found as well. Bull trout also inhabit these waters downstream and can be caught on some of the popular streamer patterns.
Upstream is home to mainly rainbows, which can be caught year round on nymphs, along with summer hatches of mayflies, stonefly, and caddis, adding to the excitement of the day. Of course today was not about me fly fishing the Crow, although I could not help but notice that there were fishermen on the Crow making me wish that I had brought my fly gear along..Of course that was just in my dreams as Rolly was having enough of a problem with my 10 minute stop having turned into a half hour, never mind sampling the fishing. Hm mm let's see, what have I got going next week-end? "Will you get that wistful look off of your face and get this truck back on the road", "Lorraine is expecting us for supper and I'm cooking so we've got to get going". With a final look up stream above the falls and past the trestle bridge that crosses the Crow, I tossed my camera gear into the truck and headed west once more. I can now look at some of the photos from the trip and NOT feel depressed…rather, I can look at them and feel fortunate that I made the drive through the Crowsnest Pass and into BC where once we arrived at our destination of Tie Lake, we had a very enjoyable time visiting with friends. Also I actually got out with my cameras and spent some enjoyable time exploring the area around Tie lake. But remember these words of wisdom - "When going out shooting photos, take only your camera and.....ok, your fishing gear. Later

Upon crossing this bridge on the old highway 3 that crosses the Crowsnest River just downstream from Lumbreck Falls, I just had stop and shoot photos of the bridge as I have long admired the underpinnings of this beautifully built historical bridge.

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