Friday, October 31, 2008

Its the Season

Shadows and Light

With the beautiful weather we have been experiencing and November just around the corner, I figured that the rutting season would be getting underway. So with that in mind I took a drive into the high country hoping to spot male bighorn sheep in head to head combat to prove which one is more dominant. Unlike deer and elk which have antlers they can lock together to push each other around, bighorns have large curled horns they use to ram into each other. I did spot a herd of ewes with a male bighorn nearby, but no head to head combat on this day. I had hiked down along the cliffs over-looking the Sheep river when I spotted a small herd of female Muleys who were grazing in a meadow above the cliffs over looking the Sheep river. I was tucked in below some dead fall when three Muley bucks came into view not far from the does. Luck was on my side as two of the bucks began competing vigorously for possession of the Muley does. I was so intent on shooting photographs of these young Muleys locking horns that I did not see a much larger Muley come charging in and put the run on the two combatants. The last I saw of them, they were hightailing it for greener pastures with the larger muley in hot pursuit. Meanwhile the Muley does looked bored with it all and continued grazing. With that and no more combatants, I made the trek back to my truck and worked my way home. Catch you later.

It was hard to keep my mind on the task at hand, while that wonderful soft morning light washed across scenes such as this, that abounded in all directions

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