Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November Hues

November is a fantastic autumn month. It might be cool and windy, it might be gloomy but it’s filled with joy and smells of autumn. As far as photography is concerned, November is perfect for trying something new, try new hues, new silhouettes, apply your inner sense of style.
The photo's I have posted here were shot with one of my favorite techniques, using a long telephoto lens to reach out and isolate a small portion of the scene. This simplifies the composition and allows me to concentrate on form, color and texture.
I have always enjoyed wide angle photography and for whatever reason, I had this rather large gap between my favorite pair of wide angle lens and one of my favorite zoom lens, my 70-200mm. Lately I fixed the problem by acquiring a new lens that fills the gap. However, having this new lens in my arsenal has not stopped me from using my longer lens for landscape work.
I am going to let you in on one of my favorite techniques for capturing long range landscapes. There are many times while I am traveling the back roads of southern, Alberta, I will observe off in the distance, a part of the landscape that I feel would make a great image. So pulling over, I reach for what is probably the absolute best bean bag ever designed for photography work out of a vehicle. This bag weighs 16 lbs and is used by draping it over the open window sill of my truck. Choosing one of my telephoto lens that will give the correct focal length to frame the image I desire, I set up on the beanbag and...voila, one long range landscape photo a done deal. Oh - all the photos under 'November Hues' were shot from the open window of my truck on this day. Now you know one of my secrets to long range landscape photography.

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