Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life's A Journey

Sunrise - The Plains of Southern Alberta

Did you ever wonder at one time or another how maybe things may have turned out differently if you had gone down a different road in life? What if I had accepted the offer and taken the job in Pakistan with Western Geo? What if I had seized the opportunity and went for it? Lately, I have asked myself these questions as life seems to be passing me by quicker and quicker, with seemingly no place to get off and slow it down. We all have to face our mortality sooner or later, and you would like to think that you made a small difference while you were on this earth for the time that you were given. For some time now I have been keeping track of a very amazing young person who at 16 years of age, is about to become the most famous teenager on the planet because she had a dream and went for it. Her name is Jessica Watson and she is from Australia and normally a resident of Buderim, Queensland. She is currently attempting to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world! Not only is she making the attempt, but she has passed the 35,000 kilometer mark after six months at sea, and she is now back in Australian waters. Jessica is expected to make port in Sydney at the beginning of May, two weeks before her 17th birthday. I cannot begin to imagine the mental stamina it takes to accomplish a feat such as this at any age, never mind at the age of sixteen. Imagine for a moment what it was like while Jessica was rounding the treacherous "Cape Horn" at the tip of South America, where she faced winds of 65 knots and 30 foot seas that knocked her sailboat down 4 times. A "knockdown" is when your sailboat is laid over on its side and the mast goes below the surface of the water. Once, she was past the cape and things had calmed down somewhat, upon making contact with her Australian team, she described this experience as such "the seas were a bit messy and we were having to much fun (her sailboat is named 'Ella's Pink Lady')." Of course she said it somewhat sarcastically, but you gotta love this kid and I cannot imagine for a moment when I was 16 years old wanting to do something such as what she has set out to do. When I was 16 years old, all I wanted to do was chase girls and get my drivers licence. Now I realize that we cannot all be like Jessica Watson, however it does not hurt to have a dream such as Jessica did when she was 13 years old, and then went for it! So before life's journey passes you by, don't just dream about it, but take the journey.Blackfoot Crossing - This photo overlooks the historical site on the Bow River where Chief Crowfoot signed Treaty 7 in September of 1877.

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