Sunday, July 10, 2011


A friend of mine shared this letter that she wrote to her son with me. This is a beautiful letter, and I asked her if I could share it here with you. The letter is as she wrote it, except for the names that I removed for obvious reasons.

Dear Son,
As I look back in time I have a vivid image of you as a baby. So happy and full of energy, your greatest interest was in anything spherical in shape, if there was a ball in your sights you were determined to get it. I guess that’s why your first word was, “BALL!” Once when I was taking video of your sister and her friends back in the old neighbourhood, I had to put you down because you were wiggling so much on my hip I couldn't keep the camera still. I was so focused on taping your sister who was performing for the camera, I hadn’t noticed that in the background there was a soccer ball that had caught your eye. After I put you down you immediately raced across the uneven ground on your hands & knees to get to that ball. You let nothing get in your way! You were so focused and made a straight course for the goal in your sights.

Son, this attitude of yours has been common throughout your life. It has been so amazing watching you grow. From such a sweet beautiful baby boy to the young man I know today. And even though I know you don’t like being called “beautiful” you have always had this striking appearance that everyone notices. It is actually two parts, one being your physical attraction, and the other being your ability to impress those around you with your charisma and charm.
Today I watch you, and see a clearer picture of the man you will one day become. Life is like a blank canvas. The first strokes of the paint brush are made by your parents, they outline just a few things, your Faith, your Family, & to a small degree your Future. As time goes by the painting unfolds. Some areas are dark with painstaking areas of growth, the challenges, and the mistakes. But they are not what defines the painting, it is the light that grabs our attention. These are the occasions where you shine. Here you have taken over the paint brush, filling in details, the vibrant color of your exceptional character, which includes your ability to be at ease with anyone you talk to old or young, the skill you have to master so many physical activities, and your determination to attain those things in life others may get handed to them (many of whom receive without making any sacrifices on their own) or others who will never attain them since they do not possess the drive to see their action materialize.
The canvas also reveals the energy you possess, your “LIGHT”. It is a life like quality that jumps off the painting with your abilities and strengths; you are friendly and kind, a leader who will go the extra mile for someone else, especially someone in need. You are also funny, creative, and keep those around you on their toes. There is much still to be filled in on the canvas of your life. Know that you can give yourself anything you dream of. You have already proven that when you truly desire something nothing can come between you and what you want. You have determination.
Trust yourself Son, our Heavenly Father does, he knows you better than even I who has had the privilege of being your mother. He understands the challenges you face and He can see the whole picture and can take you on the path to success. Rely on Him, He loves you more than anyone. I have seen His hand in quiet moments, loving actions of family and friends, and in the clear perspective of looking back over a challenge that to begin with was so overwhelming. Sometimes it was only afterwards that I could see how Heavenly Father walked with me even when I thought I was all alone.

Son you are at a time in your life that is exciting and maybe a little overwhelming. Just remember to enjoy life, because this is YOUR life. You are the Master Painter of your canvas, and only you can make your painting the Masterpiece it was meant to be.

With all my Love and Trust in you,
Your Mother

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