Sunday, August 28, 2011

On The Seventh Day - He Created Light

Funny how you come to feel comfortable in a routine that feels safe, and then when you stray from this safe place, you begin to see things in a different light. Lately I seem too question where I am going with my life, and then it raises the question in my mind how I got to be where I'm at. You may like all of it, you may only like some of it, but don't think for a second that the answer is simple, or that life is simple, its not.
I had been driving aimlessly along a backroad in the vicinity of Millarville just after sunrise, with my mind wandering, and not really paying attention to the wonderful light that surrounded me. I realized the problem that I was experiencing, was due to the fact that I had not taken care of something important to me. I pulled over on a high point of land overlooking the Rockies to the west, and reached for my BlackBerry. I selected the picture app, and looked for a photo that I had loaded on to my BB the night before. I selected this photo that best signified the meaning of Sunday to me on this morning. Once the photo was sent off, I felt better. I also was reminded of a poem that I read some time back, although the name of the writer escapes me at the moment, but it seemed fitting that I let you read it here.

We await the Dawn,
Rise, oh eternal light;
Awake the World!
With trumpets and cymbals and harp and the sound of glad song!
And now...
The clouds of night are rolled away;
Sing welcome to the Dawn
Of the bright new day!

I began to see this day in a new light. In fact, the light was wonderful, and I realized that if there is one constant in my life that makes my worries go away, its photography. When I feel that I'm in a funk, all I need to do is grab my camera gear, and head out along a backroad looking for photo-ops. In no time flat, I am able to clear my mind, and in no time I begin to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings through the lens of my camera. This morning was no different, although the somewhat slow start, had me scrambling to catch up photographing the beauty that surrounded me on this beautiful Sunday morning.

I had been driving up and down so many backroads, that I hadn't realized that I was in the vicinity of Priddis, and I decided to stop at the store located there to purchase a bottled water, and maybe a snack to go with it. I was pleased that I stopped, as I came away with a new book for my library by a local author, on fly-fishing the local creeks, and a bit on local history. Looks to be a good read. I also thought that this would be the opportune time to try out a new filter that I had purchased at the Camera Store recently. This 10X Neutral Density filter allows for extremely slow shutter speeds in full light, and I have visions of blurred clouds, buttery creamy blurred water, and other cool effects added to my photos. Once I parked my truck, I walked the short distance to the bridge crossing over Priddis creek. I have photographed the creek here in the fall, and although the creek is not as pretty as it is with fall colors surrounding it, I was anxious to try my new filter out on moving water, with a slow, very slow shutter speed, to see how a 20 second exposure would enhance the flow of water. I was pleased with the results, and look forward to using this filter when possible. There is a learning curve to using it, as auto focus cannot be used, and the light meter does not function correctly either. But hey, it forces one to use ones mind instead of relying on the camera, and that's a good thing, not unlike using my first SLR, a all manual Canon FTB vintage 1971, which I still have. On the way back to my truck, I stopped at this very cool church, with a service underway inside. I did not think anyone would mind if I shot photos of this beautiful church, and later as the congregation exited the church, they were pleased that I found their tiny church worthy of my attention. They had to be kidding, this being the seventh day on which he created light, and showed us the significance of it all.

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