Monday, May 14, 2012

A Special Day

Dawn -The Island

I normally am civilized enough to save getting up at 4:40am for the weekends, but I just glanced at the clock and its 4:41am on a Monday morning. I think it has something to do with falling asleep on the couch last night. Mind you I had a good excuse, as I had a very busy day, that also started at 4:30am yesterday morning as well. Mind you why wouldn't I be out of the house at that time, with the promise of a glorious day on the very special day of Mother's Day, with the sky giving hints of a wonderful sunrise ahead.
So with one final look at the horizon, I had loaded my camera gear in to the truck and backed off of the driveway. I didn't plan on getting to far away from home, as I had some work to do around the yard later in the day, and that may not be my favorite thing these days, but it needed to get done regardless. First though, I had to get my fix by shooting a few photos and I did exactly that within 20 minutes of backing off my drive-way. The breaking dawn was wonderful, with beautiful soft lighting bringing the landscape in to focus.
 I also discovered there always is someone about at this time of day besides myself, as I had stopped in the middle of the driving lane of this backroad that bordered the wetlands that I had made as my first stop. I had my bean-bag set up in the open window of my pickup, and was happily photographing the goings-on by the residents of the wetlands in the breaking dawn, when headlights broke over a small rise in the road, about a half a kilometer ahead of me. I quickly started my truck, and pulled my truck ahead and off to the edge of the road, as there were no shoulders to speak of, with water on both sides of this backroad. As the vehicle approached my position, I realized that it was a RCMP cruiser, and as the officer pulled up beside me, he stopped. I'm sure it was self explanatory as to what I was up to with my long lens resting on my bean-bag and pointed in the vicinity of the wetlands that bordered the road that we were parked on. The officer had his window rolled down, and he asked if I was getting any good photos, being obvious as to what I was up to. I replied that I was, and even if I wasn't, it was a beautiful morning, and I was enjoying the light forming up, as well as the wonderful sounds of the wetlands. He laughed and said he had been enjoying a slow night, and was now headed off shift, and to bed. With that he said "enjoy the day" and drove off, leaving me and the residents of the wetlands behind.

The time passed quickly, and the countryside began to form up, as the light from the dawn changed to the light of day, or at least very early morning. I could see the sun about to break the horizon, and the time was 5:46am. I mentally stored that information, as I find that important, being that it tells me from one day to the next when the dawn will break, and about when sunrise will happen on any given day. Therefore, I am able to predict this when I am lying in bed, and looking at my bedside clock, wondering how much of a leeway that I will require, to drive to my destination on this day, and arrive in time to for this marvelous lighting.

I had noticed a tree off to the east across the wetlands, and maybe a half a kilometer away, and decided that this tree would be perfect, silloueted with the sun as my backlight. With the Sun now up over the horizon, it was time that I got something to eat and drink. I had left home without having brewed myself my usual Chai tea, so I drove over to nearby Chestemere and hit the Tim Hoton's located there. With that handled, I knew that I had one more important stop to make before heading home to take care of the yardwork waiting for me. I have this very special place that I visit throughout the year, but today being mothers day, made my visit there especially important to me.
Once I arrived at my destination, I grabbed my camera, and made the walk the short distance in to this special place. On my walk, I noticed how nice the cottonwoods looked with their new leaves now displayed quite prominently, although still forming up. I had arrived early enough to have the trails to myself, and with the sounds of birds and other wildlife the only sounds that I could hear, as the city had not yet awoken. With the sun just over the horizon, the preserve was at its best, and I arrived where I wanted to be, and sat back on a bench that is strategically placed for optimum views of the river that borders this special place. I thought of my own late mother on this Mother's Day, as I probably do on most days, and how I am still grateful 7 years after she's gone, to have had such an amazing mom. Mothers are God's gift to humans, so that they could be raised in a manner to achieve greatness. Hence, the occasion of mother's day is a day that we all should honor our mothers past or present. I love you mom.

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