Saturday, October 20, 2012

A True Friend

        “A true friend is the best possession.” – Benjamin Franklin

Lately I have been reminded as how important friends are, especially a close friend, and when they are not available to share your joys and sorrows, you come to realize just how important your close friend is to you in your life.  I believe that we need someone whom we can trust, or someone who believes in us, as it is not just sharing joy and sorrow and helping each other, but its very important to know that person, and understand his or her feelings, and moreover, to trust them and believe in them as they do you.
You do not become friends with a person in a month, but it may take many months, and even years to know that person and come to trust them completely.

The thing about friendship, it is not the outstretched hand, nor the kind smile, nor the joy of companionship, but it is the inspiration that comes to you, when you discover that someone else believes in you, and is willing to trust you with their friendship.
There will always be a time when we need someone to listen, without being critical of us,  as to the right path we take in our daily lives, and that one true friend is the one to whom we turn to when we have the need.  
A true friend inspires us to live our lives without restrictions, and you share your happiness and sorrows with them, as they share theirs with you.
You need a close friend to share your joys and sorrows, and cheer for you in your successes.  A true friend believes in you, and as a result, they offer both the words and the support you need to become a better person in all aspects of your life.  Real joy is never realized until it has been shared with a friend, and that’s why you immediately call your friend when something good happens to you.

So I'll keep a watch out for my friend, and when my friend reappears at my window, I'll be there waiting, as that is what makes our friendship special and forever.


 Colours shimmer in the early morning light, glazed with hues of orange and red, as the new day begins.

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